9 Practical Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents
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If you want to earn a high commission as a real estate agent, you must know effective strategies to apply in 2024. Today, you can experience intense competition in the real estate industry. You will find real estate agents on every street in your city.

Since the commission is high, ambitious professionals are more interested in entering the real estate field. The industry is highly rewarding for those who are ready to work hard on their marketing and negotiation skills.

In this blog, we have selected 9 of the most practical and easy-to-implement strategies. These are powerful strategies that can yield results in just a few weeks. You must be consistent with your efforts and be proactive when applying them. So let’s get started with these strategies.

Marketing strategy for real estate agents

1. Create professional social media profile

Today almost everyone has their profile on facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. But it doesn’t mean that you will get leads and sales by simply having a profile – instead you have to make it look professional. Here are a few tips to make a professional looking profile on social media:

Profile picture – Make sure you have a professionally shot profile picture with a smile on your face and professional or formal clothing. A front facing headshot will look really good.

About, bio or summary – Write the ‘about’ section to attract potential buyers to your profile. Include relevant keywords ‘real estate agent’ ‘realtor’ ‘buy a house in [your location]. When people search these keywords on facebook, they are likely to find you.

Catchy banner – You can take inspiration from others and create an eye-catching banner for your profile. Add powerful headline, subheading and a clear call-to-action to get responses. You can use a great graphic design tool called Canva to do it by yourself.

If you want to learn more about optimising your social media profile, you can read this post – Social Media Profile tips

2. Help your clients make smart choices

As a real estate agent, you should avoid selling hard. Your job is to help your clients make a smart decision about their properties. If you understand their requirements, problems, concerns and fears; then they are more likely to listen to your advice and hopefully buy from you. When you do the introductory call with your new prospect, make sure you understand them and get in their shoes.

Many beginner real estate agents fail to do that and they wonder why their leads are moving forward in their sales pipeline.

3. Leverage property listing sites

To attract quick leads, you can use property listing sites like Magicbricks, 99acres, Housing.com and so on. These sites have a huge warm audience base. While adding your property to these sites, make sure you fill in as much information as you can. It will help your listing to show up when a user makes a search on these sites.

4. Create an optimised Google My Business profile & collect positive reviews

People are likely to trust businesses around them. So having an optimised Google My Business profile will give you an extra edge over your competition. It is very easy to get started with Google my business profile. Never forget to get a review from a happy customer. People value Google reviews and trust them because of the reputation they have. Read how to optimise Google My Business to learn more.

5. Post video walkthrough

Posting a video demonstrating the property will garner a lot of engagement and inquiries as well. People are busy and have many choices when it comes to buying property, but when they see a professional video with a transparent property demonstration, they are likely to contact you for a site visit or pricing.

Creating a property walkthrough is not rocket science. You can use your smartphone to showcase the property from various angles. If your budget allows, you can also hire a professional drone photographer to capture some stunning aerial footage. If done correctly, your engagement can skyrocket in no time.

6. Learn video editing and voice over to sell

Learning video editing and voiceover can have huge advantages in real estate. While other agents are just posting dummy photos of the properties, you are showing them real footage with a real person talking. With some motion graphics and animation, you can make the video look very pleasing to watch. When you post these videos online, they also help you save time and work for you even when you are sleeping.

7. Don’t push your prospect into any deal, instead help them make a smart decision for their future

When you try too hard to close a deal, your prospects sense the desperation in your body language or tone. It happens in milliseconds. So don’t try too hard to sell; instead, focus on helping the prospects with all the information and skills you have. When your client realizes that you are working in their best interest, they will trust you. You can also highlight the negatives of a property upfront if you want almost complete transparency in your approach. Don’t give your prospect a headache; talk straight and in a fair manner.

8. Listen to your prospect carefully and have empathy

We all have something to say, but it’s really hard to find someone who could listen. If you carefully listen to your prospect and respond accordingly, you will build empathy with your prospect immediately. Do not assume what your prospect is trying to say; listen to them carefully, ask them questions, and get them into their thinking. When you do that, you will see a significant improvement in your sales calls or meetings.

9. Show transparency in your approach to build your reputation

Most people buy property once in their lifetime. For them, it’s their biggest investment. Now, your job is to show utmost transparency in your approach, clear their doubts, show them legal proof, property history, and so on, so that they feel safe.


So here you have 9 effective and practical marketing strategies for real estate agents. In marketing, there aren’t hard and fast rules; just refine your basics and keep trying new ideas. Soon, you will find your own success formula in real estate marketing.

Real estate marketing boils down to three core principles: understanding your customer, transparency, and empathy. If you use these core rules creatively, you can excel as a real estate agent.

If your organization is receiving many leads, then you must also utilize a real estate CRM to manage all your leads effectively. To learn more about it, you can book a demo with our expert.