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Inventory Management Inventory Management
Associate Management Associate Management
Commission Management Commission Management
Project Management Project Management
Project Management Site-Visit Management
Customer Management Customer Management
Follow-up Management Follow-up Management

How does our real estate centric software help in your business?

Sellxpert is the modern-day & the best property management software that has everything from tip to toe to help your operations get the ease of management. Sellxpert helps you in managing all your daily activities and operations around the corner with complete aid. Right from managing inventory, accounts, sales navigation, site visits and a lot more, Sellxpert is a resourceful crm in real estate. Get one!

Your leads/bookings get managed

Yes, it’s true! Sellxpert provides a complete analysis of sales, navigates the flow of it and also manages the bookings, site visits, and other real estate operations. Yippee, you get everything in just one! Try the best real estate management system, Sellxpert now!


You are inching toward your customer

Sellxpert is the real estate CRM software that helps you get an inch closer to your potential customers by taking the required follow-ups and managing their requisite data, helping them provide a better experience and usual response that also retains them for a long. For more customers to take experts' help, Sellxpert your open source real estate crm helps.

For your numerous services, get one best real estate crm software solutions- Sellxperts!

No multiple logins or no more hustle for managing piling works and going out through pressure of work and disturbances, Sellxpert has got better services and in-store benefits to provide, having a commercial real estate crm will help your real estate operations work in a better flow. To get efficiency in working, trying Sellxpert is a must!

Get accurate reports

Reports of performance, sales, evaluations, commission, monetary things, all of it is delivered either daily, weekly or monthly or on an annual basis. Good reports accumulate into great records!

Daily review of the work

Login into the software, get daily reports and assessments. Here you go, your daily performance is now in your hands. Daily chronicles end your day better.

Get the perfect solutions for real estate CRM operations

Sellxpert is a real estate project management software that has a consistent sauce of productive outputs and realistic results, everything gets easily sorted and fixed in the working process of the real estate industry with the help of Sellxpert.

Loan and demand are easy to get here

The demand receipts while granting loans are easily generated through Sellxpert. These receipts are used further for financial processes, guess what? Sellxpert smoothes out the entire process.

You look for financial statements, Sellxpert provides that.

Each penny given or received gets accounted for here. The associates' payments and company receivables are all accurately recorded and generated in reports as and when required.


GST 18% Applicable

Features 749/-
Project Management Yes
Associates and Sponsor
Customer Management Yes
Lead & Site Visit
Booking Management Yes
Follow Up Management Yes
Inventory Management Yes
Commission Management Yes
Loan Process Management Yes
Demand Generation System Yes
Account Management
MIS Generation System Yes
User Role Management Yes
WhatsApp Integration Yes
Market Place Integration Yes
Mobile App (Android) Yes


Sellxpert allows to park complete CRM on your choice of Server

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What do our users love about the software? You must read!

It is an end to end solution to all our real estate CRM operations. Activities get better flow and ease of managing through Sellxperts.

Mrs. Madhu Shivnarayanji Bhutada

Graceland Habitats serene pvt. ltd.

Best to recommend. Sellxpert is the prime solution to all the realistic hustles. Must try it.

Mr. Dhanraj Maheswari

Universal Infratesch

Sellxpert is a real estate management system that is worth using, it has all the amazing and utility full services to render.

Mr. Vipul Khandelwal

Shri Giriraj Realty

I had an awesome experience with Sellxpert. The daily work and monthly analysis are best done through it. For our industry, this real estate crm software is a true helping hand.

Mr. Badrilal Ji Rajput

SK Builders
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Pull off the efforts and struggles of managing every record and activity update by using Sellxperts - the best crm in real estate. Manage orders, leads and every tidbit of the real estate community with guaranteed results.

Sellxpert- An end to all your hustles

Sellxpert is the one way out for seeking better and achievable results in your daily operations by bringing in better results and productive outputs.

An application for better results

How does Sellxpert works?

Sellxpert is a result of creative minds who came together to solve all the hassle of a realtor, it basically a customer relationship management (CRM) software which is ready to serve you with all the needs of a realtor, from managing idle properties which are ready to be sold, to cash, inventory, associtate management, managing the commission, generating and managing leads, managing dates for site visits so that there are no clashes, customer management and following up after the sales is done, referral management for when you get referred customers by your satisfied clients, not only this Sellxpert is with you to manage every step in the financial segment as well, it helps you to manage payments, loans, EMI's etc. To ultimately getting you a personalized sales report with suggestions so that you can improve and grow your real estate business.



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