"Incentives For Associates Is An Easy Hustle".

• When it comes to incentives, manager's should be accurate and fair enough in their computation. Do you feel it is too hard to manage the account of performance and appreciation? Are you tired of keeping records of associates' work performances?

Relax, you have Sellxpert to weigh down your load of commission management. The incentives of all the real estate associates and executives who are involved in direct selling or intermediate selling are fairly computed and orderly managed.

• Commission can be calculated on the basis of percentage of total amount and size

• A future revision of each incentive structure becomes easy and transparent with the help of Sellxpert. This software has all the benefits and perks that functions in promoting an easy flow of incentives amongst the team members or hierarchy people.

• The passive income and massive income is given due consideration. The property directly sold by the associates has a percentage incentive which is computed under passive income. While the commission involved in introducing a sub associate who thereafter sells the property is accounted for under massive income.

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