The Ultimate Guide To CRM & Lead Generation

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Real Estate CRM and lead generation software walk a fine line in property sales. This is frequently due to the fact that CRMs are expected to perform numerous tasks during the sales cycle. Many people expect their CRMs to handle lead generation because it is part of the sales cycle.

Is this actually true? In this article, we’ll explore how real estate CRM programs differ from lead-generation tools. Where they overlap, what sets them apart, and how you can use them together in your own business!

 Lead Generation: What is it?

To understand the relationship between real estate CRM and lead generation, it is necessary to first define lead generation.First off, leads are valuable assets for any sales team. They are prospects who will eventually become paying customers. Lead generation is concerned with all the activities involved in attracting and capturing leads, or potential customers.

The primary objective of lead generation is to create as many high-quality leads as possible and to induce specific actions from these prospects. The process frequently involves someone discovering your product or service through one of your advertising networks, such as your website of the company, sales landing page, blog, or social media platforms.

Real Estate CRM & Lead Generation: Get Better Results

Do not get tricked: real estate CRM will not generate leads for you. That is an entirely separate task involving a large marketing and sales team. This is one of the distinctions between real estate CRM and lead generation. A CRM ensures that your lead generation efforts produce the best results possible.

Let us now see how these two activities mutually support each other by seeing what both do differently but also together.

Real Estate CRMs Aid in the Filtering of Junk Leads

It is one thing to generate leads; it is an entirely different thing to have meaningful leads. Real estate CRMs now make it possible for you to purify your leads.

When you have property listings on real estate markets, for example, it is assumed that individuals will interact with your ads. However, not each person who does so wishes to buy or rent apartments. As a result, when you ask them to fill out the forms, they sometimes enter false info, such as false emails or incorrect phone numbers. By filtering out junk leads like these, real estate CRM makes your lead generation efforts worthwhile.

Real Estate CRM Ensures That You Invest In High-Quality Leads

It is common for members of a real estate sales team to pursue unqualified leads simply because someone, filled out a form, or submitted an inquiry. To avoid situations like this, real estate CRM and lead generation should work in tandem.

As a result, you must assist your sales team in identifying the best opportunities for property sales. CRM allows you to define what makes up a high-quality lead. The system scores and ranks each lead based on your criteria. As a result, the sales team knows which leads to approach first or with whom to schedule site visits.

Real Estate CRM Aids In Lead Nurturing

 for lead nurturing results in a 451% increase in qualified leads. 57% of marketers agree that the most important aspect of automation software is lead nurturing. You can engage your clients based on how they interact with your online campaigns if you use the right CRM.

For example, when a new property inquiry comes in, you can automate the follow-up communications they receive via email or SMS. You can also customize the communication they receive based on the type of inquiry, such as site visit queries and real estate quotes.

You can also develop a series of communications beyond this. This is done so that if they do not act quickly after the first message, you will have other personalized communication to pitch your sales.

Real Estate CRM Allows You To Better Understand Your Leads.

The best real estate CRMs provide you with a comprehensive view of your entire sales activity without the need for physical reports, such as how your produced leads are performing.

It displays data on how lead sources are accomplishing, which is especially useful if you have a marketing campaign running across multiple digital platforms, such as real estate marketplaces like 99acres, as well as social media channels like Facebook. This allows you to make changes as necessary for each campaign.


Only with the right software can you expect your company to compete in todays market.

If you want to find high-quality leads that convert into valuable and loyal customers, you need to use a strong lead generation and CRM solution.

The tool you choose to generate business leads must be compatible with your companies needs. It should be simple, quick, and effective. Furthermore, it should include features like social media integration, automation, reporting, and so on that can help you improve your lead generation efforts.